If I could catch the ducks, I’d stop them nibbling me to death (#SFWApro)

I am once again falling behind on my non-writing to-do list.

This includes a variety of odds and ends I do around the house (clean, water plants, keep the bird feeder filled); arranging for contractors to fix things and assorted paperwork (reapplying for my pension from my previous employer). I’m doing fine with the stuff that has to be done, such as watering plants or arranging dog medical appointments but not so much the rest of it.

Normally my solution is to do a little thing each day, on morning tea break for example. Then that didn’t seem to be working for me, so I tried catching up on things in one big clump on the weekends. Only I found devoting a large chunk of time to that stuff unsatisfying.

So I thought hmm, maybe I just need a schedule adjustment: I’ll use my morning break to read, then do my task of the day in the evening (unless it involves calling people to make appointments, etc.) in part of my reading time.

Unfortunately it hasn’t worked well so far. Monday I had to work late in the evening to ensure I finished this week’s Screen Rant. And if TYG gets home late, it’s harder to deal with paperwork while I’m still minding the dogs. So presto, I’m already behind my new schedule.

I’ll find a way to catch up eventually, but right now it’s very frustrating as crap remains uncompleted.

Cover by Al Plastino, all rights remain with current holder.

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