RIP Vegetarian Times (#SFWApro)

I’d been wondering why our Vegetarian Times issue for September never came, and this week we got the sad news: the magazine has gone under.

TYG bought be a subscription about four years ago and has kept renewing it ever since; as she said, it’s a gift for me that benefits her. I’ve greatly enjoyed both the magazine and the advice articles (how to roast veggies, how to make a perfect grilled cheese, etc.). And I prefer using a hard copy book or magazine to reading a recipe off my phone.

I’d wondered if the magazine might be in trouble when it reinvented itself as Vegetarian Today a few months back. The magazine was a scaled down version with fewer articles but the same number of recipes, so it was still worth getting.

Other than losing what we paid for the rest of the subscription, it’s no big deal. I have four years of magazines, and as you can see I have no shortage of vegetarian cookbooks. I could make a meal a night for the next two years without repeating myself, and I don’t cook anywhere near that often. Heck, I could probably cook a meal a night and not exhaust the recipes I haven’t used yet. Living by myself for so long, it was kind of hard to work through that many recipes a month.

Plus VT has given us access to its website with a backlog of recipes. So if I do want to get a recipe online, I have that resource. I use online recipes mostly when I need to use some ingredient or vegetable up, and I’d certainly prefer using VT to “random website that looks like it might be reliable. Maybe.”

Still, it was fun getting those recipes every month. But we’ll survive, and still eat well.

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