Last weekend: Cookies and cookbooks (#SFWApro)

One of the things I do to keep from just reusing the same recipes over and over is to list my cookbooks and then work through the list. When TYG and I went to a vegan potluck last weekend, the next book in line was Vegetarian Pizza so I flipped through it to see if there was anything I wanted to make. Bingo! Chocolate chip pizza. Which is actually a chocolate cookie ten inches across, but as it’s a pizza book, I guess “big cookies” didn’t cut it.

As you can see, it turned out pretty tasty. It’s almost like a mix of sugar, walnuts and chocolate with flour is appealing to the human taste buds.

In another minor accomplishment, I took a bookshelf we’d recently acquired (I was using it to sort out my accumulated paperwork), brought it downstairs and used it to shelve all my cookbooks.

This works much better than the desk I had them on, and there’s even room for more books. Though I don’t buy them very often — with only two of us to cook for, there’s little chance of me getting bored with all these.

And then I took the wooden book-holder I had some of the cookbooks in and used it for the stuff I keep by one of the chairs downstairs — books I’m currently reading, reference works, art books I’m browsing.

I draw things from this row of books much more often than I tap my cookbooks, and I’m tired of worrying about the book-ends sliding and everything hitting the floor (it’s happened a few times). No risk of that here.

So yay.

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