Graphic novels of all sorts (#SFWApro)

BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2011, edited by Alison Bechdel was disappointing — a lot of the collection is excerpts from larger works, and didn’t really work without the context of the whole thing. Others didn’t work at all. I did love “Pet Cat,” a satire on comics that continue beyond their creator’s retirement, and “The Ultimate Graphic Novel (in Six Panels)” Only the excerpt from Rasl convinced me to check out the source.

LEAVING MEGALOPOLIS was a kickstarter funded project by Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore reads like Irredeemable except instead of Superman it’s an entire team of heroes gone bad. What keeps it from being a knockoff is that the focus is on a handful of residents struggling to get out of the city and away from the heroes gone bad. Good reading.

SUPERMAN: Son of Superman and Trials of the Super-Sons by Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Jorge Jiminez return the pre-New 52 Superman, somehow hanging out in the New 52 after the death of his counterpart, drawing attention from the Justice League (just what happened to the real Superman?), and the Kryptonian AI the Eradicator, which is determined to purify the Kents’ half-human son of his “tainted” genes. In the second volume, Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent try to get along (but not very hard) while Batman and Superman shake their heads about kids today. Surprisingly entertaining, and a welcome change from the mopey New 52 Man of Steel.

SPIDER-GIRL: Too many Spiders by Tom DeFalco, Pat Ollliffe and Ron Frenz has May continuing to fight crime despite having lost her power in the previous volume, Endgame. May’s parents freak out, her love life continues to founder and what exactly is Tony Stark up to with this new mystery hero? Good fun and clearly demonstrating that it’s May’s heart, not her powers, that makes her awesome.


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