Happy sixth anniversary to me! (and TYG) #SFWApro

As it’s the “candy” anniversary, a shot of the chocolate cakes we had at our wedding seemed appropriate. I’d post a photo of TYG but she’d rather I not.

The anniversary was last weekend, which made it busier than usual. Saturday afternoon we went on a shopping spree which included a)hitting target for a candy thermometer, among other items (but that’s the only relevant item) and b)World Market where I got my candy fix. Okay, technically it was more a “sweets” fix. For every bit of British candy (such as a Violet bar, which is the same more or less as the Crunchy bars of my youth), I got chocolate — Aero bars, McVittie’s digestives with milk chocolate (mmmy), Cadbury’s fingers. And some marmalade, because that’s close enough to candy for me.

(Eden State Gardens, where we held the wedding)

Evening was dinner at Sage, a local vegetarian restaurant. Sunday morning we went out bicycling, but only managed an hour. It was hot and I didn’t want to wear out my legs before my share of the anniversary activities. To wit, making pralines, then making a zucchini lasagna.

The lasagna is a very tasty dish but it’s labor intensive — slice zucchini, bake the slices to serve as noodles, cook the sauce, blend the filling … so I only make it occasionally. TYG loves it, though, so it’s worth doing for special events.

TYG asked for pralines which I’d never made before. Hence the candy thermometer — the key to making good pralines is heating the batter to between 234 and 240 degrees. I definitely stopped too soon or too late, as the praline mix didn’t congeal into cookies when I dropped spoonfuls on aluminum foil. Instead it ran and ended up like praline brittle. Which was fine, TYG loved it. However I’m curious if the problem was high humidity here in Durham (one recipe I looked at said that can make a difference) or operator error or just the recipe. Next time in Barnes & Noble I’ll check out some dessert books and see if they give me a clue.

And that was it. Next year, I want to try doing something a little livelier — there’s lots of stuff in Durham it would be fun to attend — but that wasn’t an option with our schedules this year. Of course, what counts is that TYG and I still love each other. Neither of us have any regrets. Both of us enjoy being with each other. And that’s all we really need.

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