Goals for May (#SFWApro)

I’m pleased to see I did much better than April, hitting 63 percent. That’s about where it’s been every month except April and January (79 percent).

In addition to my Screen Rant articles, I delivered a finance story to the Go Banking website, pitched column ideas to some big markets (no go), kept up my exercise and meditated. It’s only one or two minute chunks, and so far ineffective (I have serious monkey-mind issues) but if I keep practicing, hopefully I’ll improve.

I did not get most of my fiction goals done, but my #1 goal for the month was to reach 55,000 words on Southern Discomfort and I did that and then some. This month I intend to actually finish this draft.

Outside of writing, my top goal was to get back to bicycling regularly with TYG on the weekend. It’s erratic (her job is crazy) but we succeeded a couple of times in May. Too bad it looks like a really hot summer — I’m not sure I’ll achieve my goal of once again making it to the trail head in Raleigh (28 mile round trip) this year. As we have to walk the dogs before we go bicycling, and that’s the only chance to give them a long walk when the weather is hot, we can’t leave as early as we used to.

That was pretty much it. So here’s a photo of Trixie encountering a strange alien life form.


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2 responses to “Goals for May (#SFWApro)

  1. Hi Fraser, am so enjoying your daily blog posts. Congrats on meeting several goals. Have you heard of the app ‘HeadSpace’ great meditation app (30 days free)? After meditating for years, I fell off the wagon and this app helped get me back on track. I applaud your 1-2 minute efforts, keep it up. We need a lot more sane and mindful people in the world.

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