TV superheroes taking a break (#SFWApro)

So once again I didn’t get much movie viewing in last weekend. But as it’s the end of the TV season, let’s look at the super-shows.

SUPERGIRL had an excellent second season, starting off with Tyler Hoechlin’s appearance as Superman/Clark, very much in the mode of Chris Reeve rather than the grim-and-gritty take of Man of Steel. The season that follows include Alex’s coming out (and starting a relationship with cop Maggie Sawyer), Win getting a girl, Jimmy becoming the Guardian and Kara herself getting a romance with Mon-El. I thought the final episode would suffer from being yet another alien invasion, but they did a great job, including a Superman/Supergirl fight (and as others have noted, managing to keep Supergirl the star despite her more famous cousin). Nicely done (cover by Mahmud Asrar, all rights to current holder)

FLASH‘s third season opened with a riff on the Flashpoint event, with Barry living in a changed timelineĀ  where his parents are alive and he’s happy with that. Unfortunately changing time has consequences, and they haunt Barry even after he puts things right: the self-proclaimed god of speed, Savitar, begins reproducing the Flashpoint metahumans in the real world, leading up to his plan to kill Iris. Which a time-traveling Barry knows will already come to pass … Lively as it usually is, though I really hate Savitar’s armor.

GREEN ARROW has Oliver struggling as mayor of Star City while expanding Team Arrow to include Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog, Ragman and Artemis. Pitted against them, Prometheus, a villain out for revenge on Ollie and always two steps ahead of him. What worked best this season is the way it forced Ollie to look back at his first season and the ruthless way he killed people (I love the episode where the new team learns how Oliver was doing all the violent things he’s now telling them not to). The flashback plotline involving Russian mobsters was uninspired and the Vigilante shows up for several episodes but his plotline never goes anywhere. Overall, though, a good season with a good final episode bringing back lots of familiar faces.

AGENTS OF SHIELD has never really clicked for me, and this was another season of not-quite-clicking. It has lots of elements such as the accursed Darkhold, the Ghost Rider, and a renegade Ai, but also a lot of tedious bureaucratic struggles over SHIELD and its direction. Then in the last third of the season we plunge into a computer generated virtual reality where everyone’s living alternative lives … and that didn’t grab me at all.

Looking forward to the summer hiatus and the chance to catch up on various other shows on Netflix and Hulu.

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