So I was going to write a post about all the extra time I’ve put in … (#SFWApro)

Because due to my nights of insomniac waking up at 2 am or 3 am, and all the work I’ve put on the various paying gigs the past few weeks, I’ve been consistently putting in more time than the 35 hours I shoot for. And so I’ve been wondering if I should take an extra day off, an hour here or there, or just forget about it. It’s not like claiming comp time at work, after all, seeing as I’m the boss.

But then yesterday I hardly got a lick of work done. Not that I wanted to slack off, but between the demands of the Leaf legal articles and my Screen Rant work, I wound up with an assortment of tasks I hadn’t gotten done:

•Pension paperwork from my years at the Destin Log (yes, I qualify for a pension, though with Freedom News’ bankruptcy, it’s coming from the government pension-guarantee agency).

•Some health insurance paperwork.

•Dealing with contractors for a possible refrigerator problem (fine as it turns out) and some weatherstripping issues with the front door.

•Coping with an Internet outage.

•Catching up on exercise (yes, I actually prioritize that over writing, unless there’s a deadline).

•Paperwork for our pet insurance.

•Getting a haircut, picking up some meds and depositing checks all during my morning bike ride (part of the exercise). Plus I stopped off for tea and a cookie at a coffee shop on the way (that one I can’t justify except I felt like it).


•Sorting through yet more paperwork (what can I say? Paper accumulates).

So the end result was, nothing but my next Screen Rant submission accomplished. Even so with my multiple early mornings this week, I didn’t actually have to reduce my bank of extra time? Or will the plumber coming today suck up some of that? We’ll see what time sends at me next (cover by Gil Kane, all rights reside with current holder)


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