Time management stuff (#SFWApro)

So last year I took a different tack to time management: assign myself X amount of time to take breaks, then count down through the day as I use it up. It worked reasonably well, except for insomnia.

I frequently sleep poorly. Various reasons include the puppies, work calls for TYG in the dead of night, stress …. well, you get the picture. So if I get up at, say, 3 AM, I have two extra hours before the day officially starts. Which would be awesome if I didn’t need sleep.

But the thing is, it makes focusing on break time impractical. On a typical day I budget about 2.5 hours for all breaks, leaving 7.5 hours of work. But somehow getting in another two or three hours, less the catnaps I take to make up for it, seems more than I can manage (“Okay, I have two hours of break left, but I have to add in 1.5 hours for getting up at 3:30, then subtract 20 minutes for the nap …”). It really should be simple but my mind does not see it that way. So I’m back to just counting hours and it seems to work fine. The lack of sleep not so much but at least working from home lets me catch up on sleep when I can.

A bigger problem lately has been emails. The Screen Rant email list is very active, and since it’s actually relevant (did they like my list pitch?), I keep checking it way too frequently. Much the way I used to when I expected or needed a response from an editor. So I need to break myself of that.

To wrap up, here’s a neat little Kirby cover from Strange Tales. I think it’s interesting how he squeezes two such very different strips — Dr. Strange and SHIELD — onto the cover and (with the word balloons) doesn’t make it feel dissonant.


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