Puppies will make them sleep! Actually no (#SFWApro)

Case in point, Monday morning. Sunday night, TYG had startled Plush Dog with Sudden Motions (getting rid of a bug) so he decided his safe space would be lying on top of me in the bed. When it came time for me to close my eyes, TYG and I managed to nudge him off to sleep between us, but no further. Which was fine … until 2 AM or so when he decided to sleep on the other side of his mommy. Only instead of trying to climb over her, he climbed over me. Specifically my crotch. So I woke up. And didn’t get back to sleep.

But I’m still absurdly happy we have them in the bed with us every night.


Trixie, meanwhile, has been very needy lately. More insistent on snuggling and petting during the work day, more interested in reaching over the lap desk to get my attention, which is usually Plushie’s trick. Is it just a phase? Or is she needy because Plushie keeps taking the lap and she feels left out. A couple of times, they’ve decided to share the lap, which is cute but really a stretch for my legs to encompass them both. I’m too soft to say no, though. Probably a good thing we don’t have kids (“Well, if blowing up the school will help you feel better about your grades, Susie, go right ahead.”)

trix-asleepBoth photos are mine. Feel free to use them, please give me credit.

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