Out of the gate: January goals (#SFWApro)

Like last year this time, I did well meeting my January goals: 79 percent. That may merely be the same determination that fuels most people to work on their New Year’s Resolutions right after they make them, but it does feel good.

Unfortunately my biggest writing goal was completely replotting Southern Discomfort and I didn’t manage that. There were several short stories I’d planned to work on too, that I didn’t get around to. And I didn’t get any work done on my taxes. I did get my 35 hours a week in, but just barely.

On the other hand, I did finish redrafts of three stories, so that’s not bad — though Rabbits Indignationem still needs a better ending. I got in several non-fiction queries, published Sex for Dinner, Death for Breakfast and submitted two and columns. I submitted Fiddler’s Black to a new market, but it came back (though with Send Us More attached).

I tinkered with a rewrite of Atlas Shagged but decided it wouldn’t actually fix the problems so many editors have with it. I’ve gotten enough positive feedback (from editors and others) I think I’m going to self-publish it with reprints of some previously published short stories.

I researched starting a Patreon (haven’t decided), and I redesigned this blog so that you can see covers in the sidebar. Hopefully that will help sales.

I had a number of personal and exercise goals this month, including rereading a book on photography (I did, now I’ll start applying the lessons) and bicycling for one hour twice — if we’re ever going to travel the American Tobacco Trail from Durham to Raleigh again, I need to start rebuilding my exercise legs. Only made it once, but I did manage to get one hour-long exercise walk in (another goal). I hadn’t thought I would, but I took the dogs for a lunch walk last Saturday and they were in the mood to walk a lot.

And speaking of the dogs, here’s Trixie with the Big Ball–it doesn’t show here but it’s bigger than her head.


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