Dogs are not automata (#SFWApro)

I tend to assume that once Trixie or Plushie starts doing X, they will continue to do X.  In reality they’re a little like people—sometimes they change things up just because they feel like it.

For example, Trixie’s recent fondness for getting up with me in the morning, rather than staying and cuddling with her mommy. Or Plushie’s recent preference for going to sleep with his head on me (uncomfortable when I’m ready to sleep but I can usually slide him off). Sometimes Trixie likes to jump up next to me when I’m in the living room’s comfy chair; other times she wants me to pick her up. Some days they’re needy, some not. When I feed Plushie a carrot Trixie usually ignores it; sometimes she gets up and demands an extra ones.

Or this morning, Trixie didn’t get up with me for whatever reason. I’m typing this in quiet and solitude in the living room.


(Someone told us last week that Plushie looks so soft, he doesn’t seem like a real dog)

All of which makes it slightly more challenging to be a stay-at-home writer/dog parent. Because whatever habit or schedule I may get into may have to change as the pups do (I haven’t even gotten into the occasional diarrhea or puking sessions). Or the dogs may just be unusually needy because there’s loud noises outside or thunder overhead, or because it’s Tuesday.

But much as I enjoy the breaks that doggy day-care gives me, when I try to imagine not having them for our dogs, it feels sad, not liberating. They’re ours, for better or worse, and it’s 99 percent for the better. So there you are.

IMG_1126And even when Trixie was a skinny five pounds with the weird glowing eyes, I knew she was the one I wanted.


Photos are mine, please acknowledge should you use it anywhere.


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