It was leap day yesterday, how high did you jump? (#SFWApro)


(Picture to the left is from 30 Rock‘s Leap Day episode from a few years back, sending up Special Holiday Episodes of all type. The figure is that beloved holiday character, Leap Day William, who flies out of the Marianas Trench every February 29 and trades children’s tears for candy. All rights to image with current holder).

Total goals accomplished for the month: 71 percent. Less than January, but I only missed most of them by degrees. And most of the shortfall can be blamed on the demands of being a solo-dog parent for a week. Plus, of course, crunch time for the book.

With that lesson learned, I’m not planning any writing activities for March other than working on the book. It has to be done, and nothing else is essential (hopefully I’ll be able to make up my year-goals after the book wraps).

Of course, as most of the month’s work was on the book, I don’t have any real writing accomplishments to discuss; it is, as they say, progressing. But I did donate blood, did get the work I needed done on the book and did rewrite The Schloss and the Switchblade. And today (perfect timing!) I got my royalty check from McFarland for my previous books. I actually didn’t receive any last royalty period so I worried the books had just exhausted their welcome; I’m delighted it’s not so.

The day itself was a little crazy other than the check. I’m attempting to work out some tax stuff for my mum and it’s late. I thought I could wrap up some of it online, but I’m going to have to do it by mail/fax and send along my Power of Attorney. Which postpones resolution until I have the hard-copy form written up.

Anyway, while it’s slightly late, here is the link to the scenes from 30 Rock‘s parody holiday film, Leap Day Williams. Jim Carry plays a man named Williams who on Feb. 29 transforms into Leap Day Williams.




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