Life With Lily (#SFWApro)

lily2So Lily, the Havanese we were house-sitting, went back home Sunday. And man—I thought our dogs were happy when we picked them up from boarding, but it’s nothing compared to how happy Lily was to see Selena (who gave us a coupon to a local dog store as thanks).

lily paniniWe like Lily. Once she settled in she was a sweet, friendly dog who enjoyed sitting with us (she’s on the right of my leg, Trixie on the left) between wrestling with Trixie (Plushie likes her but they settled into general indifference for the most part).  However just the logistics of dealing with one more dog with her own personality and problems, and the physical challenges of walking three dogs at once (sometimes we broke them into two shifts) were demanding. Surprisingly though we managed to fit them all onto our bed without too much trouble.

The two biggest challenges:

•Food. Lily’s a grazer, which meant by the time she finished eating, Plushie would have already scarfed her food. I had to hand feed her to keep it out of his reach. Later TYG mixed some of her food in with gravy from our dogs’ breakfasts and that did the trick.

•Walkies. Lily didn’t always want to go walking, or she wanted to walk back to her home and go in. And when she did go walking, she and Plush Dog frequently had different ideas which way to go. And they’re both stubborn, and both capable of planting their feet and not being moved. This proved tricky; on one occasion I had to get our dogs into the house, then go back, pick up Lily and carry her in.

Still, I’m glad we were able to help. And Lily really is a sweet dog—and I just love the big plume of a taile.

lily tail

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