TV most of which I will never watch again (#SFWApro)

I caught THE QUEEN AND I‘s (2012) first episode for my time-travel book, but as it’s South Korean (outside my primary area of coverage) I don’t need (and don’t particularly want) more. A Chosin court scribe from 1694 is caught up intrigue surrounding the former queen when a magic charm teleports him to the present to escape an assassin. Then he meets an actress who’s just landed the lead in a TV historical drama based on the same intrigue … This doesn’t have as much charm as Rooftop Prince did.

THE LAST CINDERELLA isn’t even a time-travel story (I’m not sure how I wound up listing it)—a plain-looking assistant manager at a beauty shop discovers she has this Obnoxious and Irritating guy promoted to manager over her and we get a lot of talk about relationships, but none of it grabbed me.

PRESENT TIME (1997), by contrast, was a Christian series that worked better than I expected. An old man sends a laptop computer back through time to his younger self, who discovers it can bring figures from the Biblical past to the present. Of course that doesn’t work out so well: for instance when they summon Paul to learn how the early church would handle a problem they get him in his Saul of Tarsus days and he starts burning a local church. As only three episodes exist, we don’t get much explanation (though it looks like the future is the same kind of Christian-hating dystopia as A Path in Time), but I’ve seen much worse.

Case in point, the new series SECOND CHANCE reworks the premise of the 1991 series Now and Again, having an aging man transformed into a young, super-human powerhouse (I’d check it out on the off chance there was some shuffling with time), though with added elements such as having the help of omnipresent computer surveillance. Given the lead in his first life was a break-the-rules-for-justice cop (tampering with evidence, roughing up suspects) I’m pretty sure it’s not going anywhere I’d be interested in.

As TYG got us a Firestick for Christmas, she’s been watching GAME OF THRONES streaming downstairs on the TV. As I’m usually sitting there while she does it, I probably will watch more of it, but I doubt I’ll pay much attention—like the books, this seems to be pitched at a frequency I just don’t pick up (I suspect the relatively low level of magic in what I’ve seen so far is a factor—this is largely straight historical drama about feuding and backstabbing families).

Turning to something I do like, I finished the first season of HEROES (2006) in which metahumans find themselves drawn together to prevent a looming apocalypse a precog has seen striking New York City. This was a live action show that went with a level of superhuman activity I don’t think I’d ever seen in live-action TV before, lots of multiple subplots, plenty of drama and a good cast (including Malcolm McDowell as a supporting villain and a pre-Spock Zachary Quinto as the alpha villain). Oh, plus a lot of time travel, which is why I rewatched it. However the second season lost a lot of steam so I just watched enough to confirm that and check up on some time-travel details. A pleasure to rewatch, but I ain’t gonna see all of it again.

12-Monkeys-banner-700x357While I’m not a fan of Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys, I really do look forward to catching the 12 Monkeys TV series’ second season (all rights to image with current holder). This has the same basic plot—can the time-traveling Cole change history by preventing a pandemic before the future of 2043 dies from it?—but complicated by both schemers in the future and the presence of Time Travelers of Doom working to keep history on track. I finally finished streaming it this week (I’d have done Netflix but they don’t have the DVD yet) and I highly recommend it.

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