Puppies vs. Star Wars? (#SFWApro)


Which is to say, I’d planned to finally discuss The Force Awakens but the puppies wiped me out. Even though, as the photos show, they’re adorable.

First, Trixie. We’ve made her a little nest on her own pillow in our bed, so that she doesn’t go climbing all over us. But last night I woke up way too early to find her in one of her favorite positions, stretched alongside me. Which is way too hot for me to sleep comfortably (dog body temperature is roughly 101 degrees). So I got up and started work, and then Trixie moved in on TYG, so we both wound up working downstairs very early.

As Trixie has done this before, I suspect the only cure is just putting her back on the pillow every time. Which in the short term is no solution, because by the time she settles in, I’ll be wide awake from the effort. But I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet.

Then Plushie. As I’ve mentioned before, he’s a lot needier and a lot hungrier since we put him on a diet. And that includes coming into the kitchen and staring at us hopefully whenever we’re in there. As I go in multiple times during the day, this gets old fast, particularly if I’m feeling tired. Or if he acts up when he doesn’t get food, like climbing onto one of the side tables in the living room (this seems to be an odd cry for attention, I think). So yeah, that wore me out after a while.

Part of that is my own fault. I’ve slid from occasionally giving him a treat when I’m in the kitchen to doing it much more frequently, just to quiet him down. Now he’s anticipating it. So I’ll have to stop that. Which, again, will be awkward in the short term, but it should work out in the long run. I hope (Plush can be awfully stubborn).

Ah well, such is life with furry children. They’re still worth it.


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