Like a phoenix from the ashes … (#SFWApro)

I feel amazingly good this morning.xmen101

For the first time in a week, I tried sleeping next to TYG in the hope I wouldn’t hack so bad I’d wake her up—sometimes it’s worse when I’m flat on my back. To my surprise, I fell asleep easily … and woke up when TYG’s phone got an FB or text alert went off (after several nights of taking knock-me-out drugs, I’m an even lighter sleeper than usual). Lay there dozing for a while until OMG I’M NOT SLEEPING kicked in and I tensed up, which tightened my rib cage and set me wheezing.

So I got up, went downstairs to the couch, lay down … and surprisingly made it into sleep again. And despite a couple of wake-me-up coughing bouts, slept fairly well. Got up around five, tracked back upstairs, settled back into bed except for now and again getting up to cough in the bathroom.

And now, finally I’m up and I feel the best I have of any morning since a week ago. Not nauseated. Healthy appetite. More energy. Still wheezing a little, and something of a headache (I think my body positions are suboptimal for my head), but over all, way better.

Knock wood, but I think the worst is past.


(Cover by Dave Cockrum, all rights to current holder)

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