What rough invalid slouches towards wellness, as Yeats might have said if he’d got the crud too (#SFWApro)

Slept a lot today. Like a three-hour mid-day nap, which is very unusual for me. Coughing way down. Biggest annoyances are a)I’ll probably need to sleep apart from TYG tonight (upright on the couch) and I hate that and b)it may take another week for my voice to come back. I’m really nervous about the second problem, because laryngitis typically takes me weeks to recover from (had it twice). However I’m no longer in a job that requires talking with people, I’m alone most of the day (though I think the dogs have been a bit weirded out by the silence), and texting or typing notes on my phone gets me by with TYG when sign language doesn’t. Fingers crossed, positive thoughts welcome.

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