Graphic Novels (#SFWApro)

AYA OF YOP CITY by Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie is the second in a series about an Ivory Coast village and the various romances, scandals, business-dealings and affairs going on there in the 1970s (I imagine there are nostalgic elements I’m not picking up). This works much better than I’d expect—this kind of soap-opera drama isn’t usually my thing.

THE HOMELAND DIRECTIVE by Robert Venditti and Mike Huddleston shows comics can do a competent mainstream suspense thriller—but did it have to be such a conventional one? This hits all the stock beats I expect: an authoritarian security head who figures a major attack will rationalize even more stringent security steps, an innocent framed and hunted by the system, the threat of the attack itself—and does nothing fresh with it.

batman179BATMAN ARKHAM: The Riddler is a collection of Riddler stories including his two Golden Age appearances (I’ve read the first many times, but not the second), most of his Silver Age action, then hopscotchs through the Bronze Age and beyond. A mixed bag (I hated Doug Moench’s run on Batman, so I skipped his contribution) but lots of good stuff (cover by Gil Kane, all rights with current holder)

SEX CRIMINALS: Two Worlds, One Cop by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky is a successful sophomore collection (initial tale reviewed here) as Jon and Susie try to navigate past the initial rush of their relationship while fighting back against the Sex Police and learning there are many, many more time-stoppers than they realized. Where the first book set things up, this one starts to expand the mythos and does so well, though as with the first, if you don’t like raunch this is definitely not going to fly.

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