Time-Travel TV (#SFWApro)

A category which continues to grow—Disney just announced a new kid time-travel series, Best Friends Whenever, premiering this coming week. Sisyphus, you had it easy.

I hadn’t anticipated including THE FLASH in the book, much as I enjoyed it. The story of Barry Allen becoming the fastest man alive and using his powers to fight various other metahumans (this has way more super-action than the first series from 25 years ago managed, even including a version of Gorilla Grodd) did include a time-travel element at the first but I assumed it would be minor. However, Flash’s foe from the future, Reverse Flash, played an increasingly large role in the series as things went on, culminating in a race through time to save Barry’s mother from the evil speedster. And lord knows where it’ll go next season given the ending …

Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling novel Outlander came to the small screen as OUTLANDER last summer, a 16-episode series running on Showtime (well enough it’ll be back this year). Only eight episodes are available to Netflix, but that’s enough to get the feel of the show. As it’s been well over 20 years since I read the book, I have no idea how faithful it is—it feels like the action is more drawn out to fill the first season, but I wouldn’t swear to that. In its own right, the story of a WW II nurse in 1946 getting pulled away from her husband through a stone circle into the 1700s is competently done, but too much of this felt like a straight historical drama, which isn’t really my thing (if Claire had been a British woman of that period, it would only have tweaked the story slightly).

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