First week of May (#SFWApro)

–is something I would have posted about yesterday, but the evening was consumed with a)dog walkies and b)catching a showing of one of TYG’s favorite films, All About Eve.

Suffice to say it was a good week. Not 40 hours, as I didn’t have Sunday to get a jump start (due to last weekend’s trip), but I’d set my requirement to 35 hours for the week for just that reason. And I made it.

•Slightly more Demand media work than I expected.

•The usual slate of time-travel films. I was going to brag about getting the remaining list down to below 200 films (at last!) but going over some references I found several I hadn’t included. Some of these were just my error; a few are new movies announced for next year, so they may not be out by the time my book wraps up in March. However it’s good to have them down, just in case. Still, dang it! I was so looking forward to being in the 100s!

•The text of my time-travel book is looking much better. I had things scattered through multiple chapters but I’ve now consolidated them into a smaller group of sub-themes. That makes everything look much cleaner and easier to manage.

•I also did several odds and ends—submitting insurance claims for some doggy medical bills, managing some financial matters for Mum, refilling the bird feeder (I’ve been lax) and having a few dog training sessions. The ability to squeeze in the little stuff is a good sign my schedule is getting back under control. I’m not sure if it’s being revved up from two weekends off, or if I’m just pacing myself more effectively. Either way, it’s welcome.

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