Something nice about puppies (#SFWApro)

Because tomorrow’s report on the week’s work will once again discuss the problem side of working from home with puppies, I thought I’d say something nice about them.

Plushie is hard to write about as he’s stuck in the cage so much (he’s on crate rest for an injury). He’s very playful (and would love to play with us more, if we could. So would we), and incredibly soft-furred to stroke. He’s a pretty quiet dog, and only barks inside when he really, really needs to go. Though he has snarled at Trixie when she tries stealing a bull pizzle (yes, it’s an actual dried bull pizzle) from his crate.

Trixie is a pretty laid-back dog most of the day, quite happy to sleep next to me, or ideally on my lap. In between resting, she’ll get set to a manic energy level and ping-ping-pings off everything like Ricochet Rabbit. I try to play with her at least once an hour, unless she’s sleeping (Plushie too, though “play” means just petting him in the crate). She’s starting to get interested in taking walks beyond our boundary line, and she’s very excited at the sight of other dogs. She watches squirrel very intently when she sees one, but today she chased after a bird (up to the limit of her leash, of course). She’s putting on weight, so we can no longer feel her ribs when we stroke her.

Both dogs are addicted to bull pizzle, and they love pig ears (despite being vegetarian, we’re not up to imposing the same standard on the dogs). They’re surprisingly uninterested in Kong toys, which require vigorous chewing to get food out–they start out fascinated by them, then lose interest fairly quickly.

We’re lucky to have them, despite all the inconveniences.

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