Terminating the Continuum: Time-travel TV (#SFWApro)

CONTINUUM‘s third season opens with Kiera (Rachel Nicols) following Alec (Eric Knudsen) into an alternate timeline where Alec finds himself locked in battle with his alt.self, while Kiera discovers she’s been murdered and sets about hunting the killer. As far beyond the second season as the second was the first, but while I liked some of the twists at the season’s end (Kiera and Liber8 discovers the alternate timeline no longer leads to their future) I wasn’t so impressed with others (we’re facing a dystopia, just a different one). And having spent two season fixated on saving her family by preserving the timeline, Kiera now seems awfully OK with them possibly not existing (just as her original faith in the goodness of her dystopia has been hand-waved away). Still looking forward to S4, though. “There is a big difference between sacrifice and betrayal.”

THE LOST SAUCER was a 1970s Saturday-morning live-action series, starring TV veterans Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzi as androids whose time/space saucer crashes on Earth, then takes off while two present-day kids are aboard (much like The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang). In the opening episode, the saucer lands on a future planet where everyone is known by a number rather than a name, leading (as was typical for a period when the networks were supposed to be teaching Life Lessons on Saturdays) to an epiphany (“I hope we never get as crazy about labeling people with numbers as that place did.”). I think the one episode coupled with what I learned from that book on Sid and Marty Krofft shows will be enough.

After the mess that was Terminator: Salvation, it’s a pleasure to rewatch TV’s TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Opening a few years after T2, this has John (Thomas Dekker) and Sarah (Lena Headey) believing life is safe … until a new Terminator shows up, along with Summer Glau as Cameron, a reprogrammed-for-good Terminator (yes the name is a tribute to James Cameron). In the opening episode, she time-jumps the Connors into 2007, the point at which Skynet will finally come together, giving them a chance to kill it before it attacks humanity. A good series that shows the future leader in John and Headey is absolutely awesome as Sarah. “You don’t have to be a tin man to figure that out—just a mom.”


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