It’s Dragoncon, Jake … Dragoncon (#SFWApro)

(With apologies to Chinatown for misquoting). “It” being the reason I haven’t posted since Thursday. I’d planned to post while I was there, but during my down time at the hotel room, I didn’t have much energy left.
I enjoyed it much better than last year, probably because I gad a clearer sense of what I wanted to do and see, and less qualms about squeezing in every possible writing-related panel. And I spent much more time with my friends, shown in the picture dressed up as Gravity Falls characters.
Highlights for me besides hanging with various friends included a panel with Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman of the 1970s series Land of the Lost. As a fan I enjoyed it; as I’m writing a book about time-travel, some of what they said about the show will be useful. I also attended Amy Acker’s Q&A which was great—she comes off very friendly and she had a lot to say about Joss Whedon’s projects, Person of Interest and more.
I attended several writing panels and some from the urban fantasy/historical fantasy track that looked writing related. Most of them either weren’t or were too basic to be of use to me. Which is fair enough, because beginners need advice too, but I wish there was a way to tell. One panel on “setting in urban fantasy” was good, and a Jim Butcher/Lev Grossman panel on magic in a world of technology was excellent (I’ll go into more detail on that in a separate post).
I also visited my publisher, McFarland’s booth, and picked up some books. One of which, at least, I can justify as relevant to my time-travel book. I’ll get to the details when I read them.
Unlike last year, TYG found a hotel right next to one of the big ones, and maybe a quarter-mile from the others. That made everything much easier
The crowds were humongous, more I think that last year. Saturday, moving inside the con hotels was almost impossible, between the sheer number of people and the sudden traffic blocks where someone was photographing cosplayers.
cute hook
Lines were huge, whether it was for using the toilets (the soap dispensers frequently ran dry), getting a drink from Starbucks or actually getting into an event. I enjoy Dragoncon but if you don’t like crowds, this is so not for you.
Although I did enjoy it, I definitely don’t have the emotional connection to it that some of my friends do. It’s fun and enjoyable, but if we don’t make it next year, TYG and I won’t miss it too much. But we’ll definitely be back sooner or later.


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