Time Travel TV (#SFWApro)

The third season of MISFITS was weaker than the first two, though not without some good moments such as a Curtis’ new power (sex-changing), Kelly’s relationship with the power-broker Shaun and a history changing episode in which the Nazis win (including the immortal line “Hitler, why you got to be such a dick?”). The new powers overall aren’t as interesting as the first couple of seasons and the zombie episode was a waste of airtime. However the time-travel plotline with Simon from the previous season does pay off nicely in the season finish. “I was lying about shagging a pirate.”
Courtesy of Hulu, I finally caught two lost DOCTOR WHO stories recently recovered. Enemy of the World has new Doctor Patrick Troughton, Jamie and Victoria arrive on a new future Earth where the politician Salamander (Troughton in a double role) is moving to seize absolute power. If only someone could penetrate his security to investigate his plans, say someone who looks just like him? A good performance by Troughton and some great bits such as Salamander’s secret underground allies. Troughton is less forceful than Hartnell but now that he’s not “the man who replaced the real Doctor” as I once thought him, I appreciate him more. “I want you to inherit the world, not them.”
The Web of Fear was the sequel to the still-lost Abominable Snowmen: in present day London, one of the Yeti-bots used by the Intelligence (recently reintroduced for the final Matt Smith season) reactivates so that when the Doctor arrives the city is in the grip of mysterious webs spread by the Yeti throughout the London Underground, giving the Intelligence a foothold it plans to exploit. Can mystery man Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart help or is he working for the Intelligence? Yes, it’s the future Brigadier’s debut and also the last appearance of the Yeti (a dispute between the Beeb and the creatures’ creator, my friend Ross says)—too bad as they hint a lot here at the Intelligence’s hidden agenda, but without its agents, it didn’t return until the last Matt Smith season. Glad to see this. “I wasn’t scared—I was up high, to get a better view.”


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