And then the other stuff (#SFWApro)

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2014) is the second Marvel team to bear that name, an oddball group of SF characters that together turned into a hit comic and now movie. Chris Pratt plays Star Lord (“Who?”) a human interplanetary thief and mercenary reluctantly forced to turn hero to stop Kree fanatic Ronan (Lee Pace of Pushing Daises) from exterminating the peaceful world of Xander (run by Glenn Close as Nova Prime). Can forging a team out of tree-man Groot, genetic misfit Rocket Raccoon, brutal warrior Drax (Dave Bautista) and super-assassin Gamora (Zooey Saldana) stop Ronan and his sidekick Nebula (Karen Gillan of Doctor Who)? A very entertaining film in its own right, more so if you know enough comics to catch some of the names dropped along the way. For anyone who’s interested, Atomic Anxiety provides more in-depth analysis, and Brian Cronin looks at their comic-book roots in detail here. “I have lived my life among enemies—I will be happy to die among friends.”
MEN WITH GUNS (1997) is John Sayles’ drama about a Latin American doctor who decides to drop in on the students he sent out to treat the poor several years ago only to discover the ones who weren’t shot as collaborators by the military were killed as government stooges by the insurgents. Filmed entirely in Spanish (except for some native Indian dialect), this is grimly effective, even though I can see where it’s going. Mandy Patinkin and Maggie Renzi play tourists. “I was a soldier, but now I don’t wear a uniform—does that mean I haven’t killed anyone?”

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