So yesterday, my writer’s group had its second annual Christmas party, and once again TYG and I hosted.
It was a lot of work setting up, of course: cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, mopping the kitchen (TYG took that part, since I hate mopping), cooking snacks, arranging the food (TYG’s department again) putting away stuff in the dining room (which is currently where all the odds and ends we haven’t found anywhere to put goes).
But then came the party, and that was a blast. My group are intelligent, articulate people and fun to talk to, whether it’s about writing, movies, reading, family, science (Samantha is a humongous life-science nerd. Which I do consider a plus) or cool/humorous past experiences. And they all brought good food, much of which now resides in the refrigerator.
We packed it in around 11:30, I think. TYG did the first wave of cleanup last night (trash out, dishes washed, food in fridge). I spent two hours or so today finishing things up (TYG had prior obligations that took her away most of the day) and doing a little extra cleaning. As we got the dining room partly organized, and finally set up a table there, I figured this was a good moment for some extra organizing. Nothing drastic but I’m pleased with the results. Plus some cupboard and refrigerator organizing (consolidating, rearranging and throwing out expired stuff) to make space for tasty leftovers.
It’s been a good weekend.

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