Sometimes frittering is good

I’ve grumbled quite a bit lately about the impulse to fritter work time away, playing on the Internet (for example) rather than either working or goofing off in more entertaining ways (reading or watching movies, for instance).
And my feeling about that habit haven’t changed. But Friday morning reminded me that sometimes frittering is a good thing.
It was primarily a day off, even though I did devote time to finishing Southern Discomfort. And I got a few odds and ends done—baking pecan brownies for a party that night, drawing up a shopping list for Whole Foods Saturday, bicycling.
But the rest of the time, I didn’t feel like “doing” anything. Not reading, not watching movies, not cleaning. Instead I just decided to browse various blogs in my downtime, photograph the stuff TYG won in a raffle at Thursday’s Thanksgiving dinner and little odds and ends like that. Yes, the orchid and the lunchbox next to it were prizes
When I embrace frittering whole-heartedly rather than as a way to avoid work, it can be quite fun. And was in this case. If I’d had a little more time between those odds and ends, I’d probably have watched a movie instead, but as things turned out, I quite enjoyed the unstructured time. Which, as I’ve mentioned, is a good thing for me.

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