Snake hands

In Engine Summer, John Crowley’s narrator observes that snake hands—the parts or stories that branch off from the main body—are the most interesting part. Of course snakes don’t have hands, but stories don’t really branch if they’re told right—it’s all part of the same narrative.
This weekend has been a whole bunch of snake hands, which is why I didn’t post yesterday and didn’t get the couple of posts done I was planning for today (or pretty much everything else).
Saturday, after posting, TYG and I went out shopping, then to a continuation of the Hitchcock festival where we caught North by Northwest last week (this week Shadow of a Doubt and Rear Window with a film-group dinner at a tapas bar in between).
Sunday would have been slower, but we’d been invited to brunch by recently engaged friends. So we got up early and rushed out to get some bicycling done. Unfortunately, we overdid it (I had a feeling we might be pushing it) which left me somewhat wiped the rest of the day.
Anyway after brunch we went car shopping. It was frustrating: Several hours but only one car driven (either the lot was closed or they didn’t have the car we wanted). By the time I got home, I was exhausted.
Today, we got up, took a walk,then I made the pear/butternut squash soup that I was too tired to make yesterday. Then out car shopping again. This again turned out much longer than anticipated—but that’s because we bought the car,so at least that’s taken care of.
So while my planned activities for today (lots of little stuff I wanted to catch up) got diverted by snake hands, it’s a good thing (our old car was close to dropping dead mid-trip). And we won’t have to do more car shopping.
On the down side, I have a feeling that getting the remaining details wrapped up (dropping off the old car we’re trading in, signing paperwork, taking it for a practice drive on quiet streets before I brave the freeway) will suck up a lot of work time tomorrow. Unfortunately, it needs to be done (I’ll have more on that topic tomorrow too). As I’ve said before, some weeks there are just too many giants with axes.
herohire006 (Cover by Billy Graham, rights all belong to current holder).

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