Roger Ebert died last week. I blogged about him and Gene Siskel and some of the thoughts I gained from them a few years back. MGK adds more thoughts. LGM catches Andrew Breitbart’s website gloating about how that nasty liberal had it coming. I agree, Ebert would be amused.
Also shuffling off the mortal call, comics artist, later DC publisher for several years Carmine Infantino. flash145 His tenure as admin was controversial (he kicked it off—or slightly preceded it, I don’t quite remember—by siding with management against writers and artists who wanted benefits after their years or work. Said creative types including Gardner Fox, John Broome and others, promptly got purged) but there’s no controversy about his art (the above was his cover for the first Flash story I read.)
I can’t say I really appreciated Infantino as a kid. I noticed stories, but art only really registered when it was bad. As an adult, I appreciate what a remarkable job he did in capturing the look and feel of someone running at super-human speed. He was also quite awesome at capturing stretching. Jack Cole’s work on Plastic Man is the best in this strange sub-category, but Infantino’s work on the Elongated Man elongatedman1 was almost in that league. He had Ralph Dibney stretch, twist, contort and do utterly insane stuff such as knock someone out with his elongated knees (this illustration courtesy of Sid Greene’s inks). Jack Kirby’s talented, but his Mr. Fantastic was never half as fun.
I’m glad I have so much of his work (below is another example, inked by Murphy Anderson). The man (or woman) may go but their creations remain.

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