Rebirth will occur this week!

Hopefully this is what I’ll feel like once we finally move tomorrow—someone bursting free, burning with energy, ready to take on the world (preferably without all the corrupted-by-power problems turning me into Dark Phoenix of course).
Okay, maybe bursting with energy in reference to a move is optimistic, but still, I’m looking forward to it. Our own house, for one thing. And unpacking is much nicer than packing: If I can’t get any done one week because of a rush project or something, there’s no deadline to worry about the way there is with getting out of here tomorrow. I’m even tentatively hoping to get some work done later in the week, Thursday or Friday, though I’m not insisting on it. Today, just a few eHow rewrites that had to get finished, and (obviously) blogging—don’t expect another post for a couple of days, though.
Part of what excites me is that I’ll have a room devoted to my own use as an office, rather than a spare bedroom. This morning reminded me how nice that is: We were able to sleep upstairs for the first time in months (no a.c. in what used to be the attic) so I got to practice my normal morning routine of exercising and stretching out without having to work around a sleeping TYG. Felt good! I know I should be more flexible, but morning rituals help a lot when it comes to readying me for the day.
That said, I do anticipate changes. My new office will be on the second floor, the kitchen’s on the ground floor: I suspect I’ll spend a fair amount of writing time downstairs when lunch or snack time rolls around. And since the TV’s downstairs, will it be more convenient to do exercises there and watch Netflix DVDs or up in my office and watch streaming current shows on Hulu? I’m not actually agonizing or debating this, just curious what I’ll find most convenient once I get the chance to play around.
Another change is (duuuh) that I won’t have a bed in my office. That will give me much more flexibility setting up my furniture—as my office stands now, I can’t put shelving where it’s most convenient for a right-handed person. In my new office, that will change.
Plus there’ll be all the fun of figuring out the optimum kitchen arrangements, the best place for bookshelves, watching all the books finally emerge from boxes …
I’ll let you know how it goes.

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