John LeCarre’s THE LOOKING-GLASS WAR, has a minor branch of military intelligence, largely reduced to shuffling papers since WW II, convinced its glory days have returned when an agent uncovers evidence of a Soviet missile base in East Germany. In some ways this comes off as LeCarre’s real anti-Bond novel, as the department’s dreams of excitement and adventure are largely, obviously delusional; also bitingly cynical in showing the turf wars between agencies, as it becomes obvious Control (the head of Smiley’s outfit) is setting the group up to fail to eliminate a possible rival operation. Very good.
BPRD: Being Human is a so-so collection of BPRD stories by Mike Mignola and various artists, wherein a teenage Liz gets her first field mission, Roger the homonculus learns to kill, and ectoplasmic agent Johann Kraus takes on a conniving, soul-eating mystic. The latter story was far and away the best.
SUPERSTAR: As Seen on TV is a pair of stories by Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen featuring Superstar, a super-hero who derives his powers from draining other peoples’ life force; to use his power for good, he has to promote himself so that millions of people will donate a small percentage of their day’s bio-energy to the cause. The good news is, he’s able to fight against adversaries such as the poetic machine Robo Sapiens; the bad news is, setting up his marketing requires working with his greedy, manipulative father. A one-shot, but an interesting one.
RESURRECTION Book One by Marc Guggenheim, Justin Greenwood and David Dumeer takes place in 2007, 10 years after the alien Bugs launched an unstoppable invincible invasion (though there’s lot of flashing back to the invasion and times in between). Now the Bugs have disappeared, their ships all crashed … but why? Will the good guys or bad get to rebuild the government? Is it true the military knew about the Bugs before they attacked? Art is so-so, but the story is interesting enough I’ll check the next volume out of the library eventually.
DEJAH THORIS: The Colossus of Mars is a spinoff from Dynamite’s Warlord of Mars series, set 500 years before John Carter arrives on Mars. In this era, Helium’s twin cities are at war, which soon pales as a problem next to a scheming jeddak (monarch) who’s reactivated an ancient weapon of war to conquer everything with. Enjoyable, but not up to the best of Marvel’s John Carter Warlord of Mars series.

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