The first 1,001 days

My original 101 goals in 1,001 days project expires today. It’s the 1,001st day since starting the project back in 2009.
For those who don’t know, the idea is that rather than setting a New Year’s Resolution, you draw up a list of 101 goals to accomplish in the stated time frame. I tried it back in 2009, and I liked it; I talk about my 2011 goal list here.
If this were a school project, I have to admit I flunked: 68 percent of 113 goals (I tried adding 12 in 2010 rather than a whole new list) or 65 percent of the original 101. But it’s not a school project, and frankly, I’m pretty pleased.
The stuff I completed includes a lot of TYG-related items: Move up to Durham; adjust from a long-distance relationship to living together (that one was surprisingly easy); marry TYG; take part in the wedding planning (I found the officiant, the site and the caterer and photographer so I think I’m entitled to mark that off); dance a slow dance with her; and introduce her to family and friends (at the time I started this list, the only kinfolk she’d met was my father). Plus one or two more personal goals I won’t go into detail about.
A number of the goals were to refocus me on things I seemed to have stopped doing. Bake bread once a month; cook 100 new recipes; read 250 books (I’d really slowed down on my reading in 2008 as my time got crunched); walk on the beach 10 times; transfer over all my off-the-air videotapes to DVD; and read through all my photo albums. There were also little things such as trying a fresh coconut (not such a good idea), renewing my CPR certification and finishing my complete H.P. Lovecraft one-volume set.
The writing goals I accomplished include finishing Leave the World to Darkness, And He Bought a Crooked Cat, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished and The Glory That Was. I wrote 15 short stories, completed the Applied Science series for Big Pulp and saw Sword of Darcy published. I also joined a writing group and made one of my two goals for having saved a certain amount of writing money (the lower of the two goals, of course). Plus I wrote Screen Enemies of the American Way.
What didn’t I get done? I didn’t sell or finish a novel. I didn’t finish any of five other short stories I also had on the to-do list. We didn’t make it to my reunion, or to Europe, nor have I found time to go somewhere and see a sky free of light pollution (I did once, and it is an awesome thing). I haven’t done much volunteering, nor did I donate as much to charity as I anticipated (the donation goals in my current plan are more scaled down and practical). The stuff I planned to sell on eBay wound up left behind in the move. I haven’t bought a pair of really good walking shoes yet, and I only made partial progress on organizing and purging the photos on my computer.
Some of these have carried over into the current plan. Some are just gone (the eBay entry).
On the whole, I’m pleased. More pleased now that I’ve looked over all the items I ticked off: I’ve been conscious of the unattained writing goals, but didn’t realize how many I had accomplished. And it was a wildly ambitious list——I never expected to write them all, though I did think I’d have finished Brain From Outer Space by now.
I’m not sure if this review tells me anything about achieving more in future lists. “Be less ambitious” is one option, but this is the kind of project where my reach should exceed my grasp. And if projects come up that aren’t on the list, I shouldn’t hesitate to let some of the 101 slide. Beyond that? Well, let’s see what I come up with for 2012.

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