The Story Behind the Story: Original Synergy

My short story Original Synergy is now out in the latest issue of Chaos Theory.
I’ve long been fascinated by conspiracy theories that explain how the world is secretly governed by the Illuminati, the Elders of Zion, the Secular Humanists and so on (of course, since I wrote a book tying into that subject, it’s hardly surprising I’m interested). While the supposed puppet-masters may shift may shift, the belief in the man behind the curtain never goes completely out of style, in politics (Birthers and Truthers——though Birthers have found much more mainstream acceptance) or in fiction (Plain Man, which I reviewed yesterday, explains everything happening in Washington as the work of its bad-guy cabal).
I occasionally played around with conspiracy theories in some of my early, unpublished stories, but I’ve no idea how I got from them to the concept of Original Synergy.
Quite simply, all the conspiracies——pardon me, that’s “covert, unelected authority figures”——are real, from the Knights Templar to the Men in Black. And since they all have their own agenda, they keep getting into each other’s way. So what could be more natural than having one big conference to see if they can reach a compromise between their various goals?
Unfortunately for meeting planner and Knight Templar Serena Dean, she only has two weeks to put all the arrangements for the conference together (for reasons covered in the story). The hotel’s not even booked. And if she fails? Well, heads will roll … literally.
Once the concept formed, it was mostly a matter of tinkering (lots of tinkering, admittedly) with the dialogue and the scenes until it was all ready. And then retinkering again after some feedback from helpful editors (always appreciated).
And then trying to sell it. This is one of my two oldest unsold stories, and I think I know why: I has no real SF/fantasy content but it never felt like something for the mainstream either, so it fell between two stools (one editor specifically told me the no-fantasy aspect was a problem).
But happily,Chaos Theory accepted it. I look forward to reading the rest of the issue (regrettably their last).
So click on the link, find my story and read! What are you waiting for? 🙂

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