Speaking of my 101…

February went pretty well. I made all my various once-a-month goals and I’ve finally begun putting my juggling practice (yes, I am that nerdy) and sign language sessions back on a regular basis. Not as often as I used to do them on breaks from work at The Destin Log (hey, if someone can take a smoke break, I can take a juggling break!), but some of my admittedly limited skill is returning. Plus I’ve been able to keep up semi-regular cleaning schedule, and I’m doing my part for the wedding planning.
As far as any one-shot, one-time goal, I’ve accomplished one: TYG and I are taking dance classes (this is actually a double-header: Learn to dance and take a class in something).
For writing goals, nothing really done yet, but enough stories are under way I feel pleased.
Bring on March.

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