101 in 1001: The first 31 days

Setting writing goals aside (since if you read this blog, you’re up to date on them), I’m pretty pleased with the first month of my 101.
•I met all my once a month goals (donate to charity, bake a dessert, give TYG a massage, go to a social event, play a board game) except one: Watch one of my movies with TYG. Our schedule just didn’t cooperate. However, I’m okay with making it up down the road, so long as I don’t have more than one to make up (i.e., if I miss Jan. -March and then watch four in April, it’s a no go).
•We’re set to go to a play next month. I set 10 of them as a goal, but since I’m not tied into the theater community the way I was back in Florida, it takes more effort to schedule. So this is a good start.
•I gave blood.
•I made over $2,500. I don’t know when I’ll be able to pull that off again, but we’ll see.
•I’m counting the story I sold to Raleigh Public Record as the first of the major magazine articles I wanted to do: The paper may not be a big name, but the article was as demanding as anything I could have done for a major venue (and no, it’s not out yet—I’ll announce it as soon as it is).
•I’ve started resuming my juggling and sign language practice. Horribly out of shape at both, but the journey of a thousand miles, etc.
•We’ve faithfully made our walks and bicycling on the weekends, subject to the vagaries of fortune. Which is to say less than 100 percent, but every time we were free, we went.
I think I’m definitely going to front-load activities in the month whenever possible. That way if life interrupts, hopefully we’ll already be ahead. I came close to missing a couple of my monthlies simply because I let them slide too late (of course, the snow and all the work on the RPR story hit my schedule pretty hard too).

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