I’m wrapping up for the week, reasonably satisfied. Despite having a minor emergency on Tuesday, everything calmed down and despite the disruption it caused, I’m pretty much on track.
Applied Science #7 will be ready to go after a last read-through Monday (the title I settled on is The Mind That Wanted The World).
•I made my eHow quota and today’s payment puts me at my financial goal for the month.
•I drafted a book review for The Beachcomber, a small magazine back in Northwest Florida.
AS #8, To Infinity and Beyond (yeah, I know—the title may change), is looking almost good. The almost comes from the fact that while I’m satisfied with the plot, the frame the hero finds himself in and the way I’ve developed his character, I can’t think of the reason for the frame: I know their ultimate goal, but not how framing Elegy Walker gets them there. But everything feels so right, I’m sure the reason will come to me.
•I’ve been much more focused and successfully resisted the impulse to goof off when I rise early, thereby wasting the time I gain. On the downside, I’ve noticed that even so, I’m not as fast as efficient in the morning as I’d like to be—and believe me, I’m a morning person. I’m not sure how much of that is the result of the stress and chaos the emergency caused, and how much it’s just me, but hopefully I’ll learn to overcome it.
And because of said chaos, I didn’t get as far on my article queries as I’d hoped. And I really want more out—eHow is good, but more variety for more markets would be good too.

Speaking of which, the latest eHow list:
•Federal Help With a Foreclosure
•Warranty Deed vs. Quit Claim
•How Do I Change a Quitclaim to a Warranty Deed?
•What Happens to Your Home Equity Line of Credit If You File Bankruptcy?
•Help Talking to a Mortgage Lender
•How Do I Close an FHA Mortgage?
•How Is Rental Value Related to Property Value?
•Can You Get Out of a Reverse Mortgage?
•Are Property Taxes Added to My Mortgage?
•How Do I Get Government Help to Avoid Home Foreclosure?
•How Do I Improve Credit to Buy a House?
• What Does an Apartment Building Manager Do?
•How to Understand Truth in Lending
•Government Help to Prevent Foreclosure
•Is Hazard Insurance the Same as Homeowner’s Insurance?
•How Long Does it Take for a Foreclosure in California?
•Help With Delinquent Mortgages
•Commercial Tenant Rights
•Definition of Property Value
•Federal Help With Mortgages
•What Do I Do If Someone Puts a Lien Against My House?

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