February in Review

Pretty good.
Thanks to eHow, I’m bringing in enough money to cover the added household costs, which makes both me and TYG very happy. Work on the Big Pulp series is going well (the first story should be up at the end of the month) and ditto Enemy Within (though I wish i were further along on both of them).
On the downside, I’ve applied for a bunch of local writing jobs, and nothing’s come of it so far. I’ll keep plugging away though. And one of them’s still up in the air, a freelance reporting gig for a business magazine (I’m not optimistic, but we’ll see).
And I submitted a guest column to The Log, just because I thought it needed saying (Reagan’s antiterrorist policies were to the left of Republicans today—too unacceptably left to be elected, IMHO), even though I no longer get paid for it.
For March? Basically more of the same: More of the shorts, more of eHow, more on the book. I’ve got a couple of ideas I’d like to get queries out on too, we’ll see if I can find a market.
And personally, as far as my life w/TYG is going? Awesome.

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