Miscellaneous updates

•Ehow is going well, and I hope it will go better. I’ve done four or five hours already this week, and I hope to do more. If I work efficiently enough, it comes out to about $15/hour, which is quite satisfactory.
•A while back I’d e-mailed an editor about the past-due publication of the anthology including my Love That Moves the Sun. When I didn’t hear back, I began to suspect the worst, but it turns out he was sick, and everything is still on track, though delayed.
•Drollerie Press is looking at Champions of Darkness, which came out a couple of years ago in Tower of Light.
•Less satisfactorily, an editor who’s had Past Is Epilogue as an anthology submission for the past year has passed on it, though with positive comments. The unsatisfactory part is that he turned it down last May, and thought someone had notified me.
•I submitted Original Synergy to another market, but the Durham magazine I sent He Kindly Stopped For Me to is apparently not open for submissions yet.
•I’ve finished a complete draft of Enemy Within—complete as regards all the movies and TV shows I’ve seen so far, that is. It’s a little under 70,000 words, which is short, but I have much more material to review in the next two months.

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