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Doc Savage: Repelled by a Feathered Octopus! (#SFWApro)

Like The Sea Magician, THE FEATHERED OCTOPUS is one of the Doc Savage adventures in which Doc and his friends seem far more ordinary than usual. The opening has an elderly man coming to Doc for help (I half wondered … Continue reading


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The Pat Savage syndrome

One of the points Tim Hanley makes in his Batgirl and Beyond is that in the Silver Age Batwoman, Batgirl I (Betty Kane) and Batgirl II (Barbara Gordon whom you’re probably all familiar with) were all shown to be competent, … Continue reading


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Doc Savage, recycled: The Screaming Man, Measures For a Coffin, Se-Pah-Poo

We’re now in the post-WW II period. Hopefully the remaining years of Doc’s magazine won’t all be this unsatisfying. All three of the stories this time out are recycled from better ones. THE SCREAMING MAN opens with Annie Flinders shadowing … Continue reading


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Inert and imprisoned:Doc Savage in The Motion Menace and the Submarine Mystery (#SFWApro)

THE MOTION MENACE entangles a vacationing Pat Savage in danger by the same logic as Red Snow—the villains assume she’s traveling as Doc’s agent and decide to eliminate her as a threat. Fortunately for Pat, the plane that stops mysteriously … Continue reading

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The Other Doc Savage: The Bronze Millennium (#SFWApro)

Two years after DC’s Doc Savage wrapped up, Millenium Comics took its shot. A letter from me in one of the issues proclaims it the best adaptation ever; rereading, I’m not sure I’d place it quite that high, simply because … Continue reading


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