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Doc Savage: The Brand of the Werewolf Who Shook the Earth (#SFWApro)

(That hashtag in the title is to connect this with the SFWA twitter feed) DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz often came up with a striking cover first, then directed his writer to find a matching image. I can’t help wondering … Continue reading


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The Pat Savage syndrome

One of the points Tim Hanley makes in his Batgirl and Beyond is that in the Silver Age Batwoman, Batgirl I (Betty Kane) and Batgirl II (Barbara Gordon whom you’re probably all familiar with) were all shown to be competent, … Continue reading


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Titles and beginnings: Doc Savage in Colors for Murder, Fire and Ice and Three Times a Corpse

For writing Doc Savage (or anything else), Lester Dent’s all-purpose plot outline says to start the story with either an unusual murder method; a normal method but bizarre circumstances; an unusual McGuffin; or a different setting. By 1946, he was … Continue reading


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Doc Savage nonfiction: Will Murray’s Writings in Bronze

Will Murray has been writing about Doc Savage a long time. As revealed in WRITINGS IN BRONZE, he wrote his doctoral dissertation on the creation of Doc Savage (involving writer Lester Dent and his editors at Street and Smith). He … Continue reading


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The Other Doc Savages (#SFWApro)

In addition to to close to 200 pulp novels, Doc Savage has also appeared on radio, one movie and in comic books. Since I have a fair number of those comics, I thought I’d add them to my Doc Savage … Continue reading


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At last! The return of Doc Savage’s cousin! (#SFWApro)

The best thing about the Doc Savage novel Fear Cay is that Pat Savage returns. We’ll get to the novel in the following post, but right now, let’s focus on Pat. Pat debuted eight months earlier in Brand of the … Continue reading


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My week to howl: movies viewed

Ever since I caught Piranha, I’ve been meaning to catch director Joe Dante and screenwriter John Sayles’ subsequent team-up, THE HOWLING (1981). I would have done it sooner but my DVD proved unwatchable so I had to order a Blu-Ray … Continue reading


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The Green Eagle of Mystery Island: Doc Savage again (#SFWApro)

THE GREEN EAGLE (cover by James Bama, all rights remain with current holder) is one of those Doc Savage adventures that reads like a conventional pulp story that Doc somehow stumbled into — mundane McGuffin, mundane foes, Doc and his … Continue reading

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Women, Celts, girls and the Justice League: Books read (#SFWApro)

PINK THINK: Becoming a Woman in Many Uneasy Lessons by Lynn Peril takes a similar approach to her College Girls, looking back at what news articles, pop culture, romance novels and advice books said about how to train girls to … Continue reading


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Continuity and Doc Savage: The Boss of Terror, The Awful Egg (#SFWApro)

Doc Savage is, in many ways, a pulp forerunner of the comics super-heroes. But one of the ways Lester Dent’s tales don’t resemble the comics is the lack of continuity. Comics continuity fascinated me as a kid. In Justice League … Continue reading


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