Court sides with the right of abusers to kill their partners

Okay, not how the verdict is phrased, but it’s the inevitable result of ruling people accused of domestic violence get to keep their guns. Some bullshit rationales, too, about how the Founding Fathers wouldn’t have approved of anything like that, therefore it can’t be constitutional. By which logic, I imagine restraining orders will be on the chopping block eventually, given how the religious right supports abusive husbands.

Forced-birthers’ fight to eliminate women’s right not to be pregnant continues. North Carolina is among the next targets. And Republicans also hate abortion pills. I’m pleased that with all the Big Apple’s flaws, New York City’s giving them out free. Florida’s going the opposite route. However it’s possible one circuit judge in Texas could outlaw them nationwide.

A right-wing federal judge sides with a father who claims federal grants for family planning services violate his parental rights merely by existing.

“An anti-abortion group must pay about $960,000 to Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho to cover legal fees and a fine for protests that interfered with patient care.”

The AMA doesn’t do much to protect doctors who provide abortion services.

One of the lies the forced-birth movement tells is that women won’t be prosecuted for abortion. Alabama disagrees. I have a feeling the right-to-lifers will not rise up in outrage.

Maternal death rates are three times higher in states with abortion bans. Oh, and remember those fantasies that with Roe overturned, conservatives would be more supportive of moms? Does setting work requirements for Medicaid count? The Satanic Temple is doing more for pregnant women than the religious right.

A Republican insists women should trust men to decide on abortion.

Incels try to clean up their misogynist reputation. It’s well-deserved, so I hope they fail.

A woman in Singapore told a man she just wanted to be friend. He’s suing for $2.9 million over it. How long before that catches on here?

Another reminder why sex workers can’t fix incels’ problems.

Slut-shamers. And people who claim the best in their business are just naturally male, no sexism there.

“Muscles are still no match for the patriarchy.”

Andrew Cuomo lost his support in the Democratic Party because of sexual harassment. Unsurprisingly Tucker Carlson decides it’s because of white replacement theory.

A serial killer in Kansas City targeted black women. Police dismissed the reports.

Boys feels the pressure to conform to gender stereotypes even in preschool.

According to Glenn Beck, the federal gay marriage bill will reduce procreation.  It’s an old, old undead sexist cliche. So is Madison Cawthorn ranting that men aren’t manly enough. And conservatives whining women should stay home with children.

You can read morea bout misogyny in Undead Sexist Cliches, available as a Amazon paperback, an ebook and from several other retailers. Cover by Kemp Ward.


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