Apparently I’m Donald Trump’s pokemon now

Well, the subject line of his latest fundraising email began with “”I chose you.”

Not that I give him money, but a couple of months back I somehow got on a Republican mailing list. This one last week was the best yet:

“Your MAGA status is unmatched.

Because of your notable MAGA standing, I have very exciting news to share with you –

You have officially reached Great MAGA King Status.

It doesn’t surprise me that you have reached Great MAGA King Status, given you’ve always been one of my most loyal Patriots and have helped me Make. America. Great. Again.

To secure your official status as a Great MAGA King, you must follow the link below by 11:59 PM tonight, and you’ll automatically claim this exclusive opportunity. 
Fraser, I need you to understand that I only offer this to the best of the best. This is the highest honor for any supporter.
I find it hard to imagine anyone responds to such bullshit (“Whoa! I’m a Great MAGA King!”). Then again, it reminds me of the way various groups such as the Masons, the Klan and such (no, I’m not equating the Freemasons to the KKK) used to use a lot of pomp and circumstance in their initiation rituals and when someone rose through the ranks. People like ritual, titles, all of that (see this discussion of the power of Trump rallies). Of course, simply getting an email saying I’m a Great MAGA King isn’t exactly ritual, but who knows? It sure beats Ivanka begging me to buy Jared’s new book.
In other Republican news:

Tucker Carlson’s all in on violence against gays. Because that’s all this talk of sexualizing children is about. He’s also convinced military vaccine mandates are about driving out men with high testosterone.

I think describing DeSantis as a one-man Donald Trump tribute band says it all. A shitty, vicious tribute band. Who lies that the American Revolution was when people started questioning slavery (Quakers did it well before 1776. The Founders didn’t listen). Meanwhile, one of his cabinet members is outraged credit card companies might track suspicious gun purchases.

The Arizona Repub nominee for Secretary of State says it’s impossible for Biden to win Arizona legitimately. Multiple Repub candidates around the country refuse to say they’ll accept defeat. I guess we won’t have to wait until  2024 to see if our country can resist the fascist creep.

Speaking of Arizona, anti-abortion Senate candidate Blake Masters says Trump should fire generals for being too left-wing, then replace them with Trump loyalists.

According to anti-gay Southern Baptist theocrat Al Mohler, real Christians vote Republican. He forgets Southern Baptists stopped being the voice of morality a long time ago.

The fifth circuit appellate court says websites have no right to moderate content. This is good for Republicans. More here.

You may remember the case of the football coach fired for praying with students and the Supreme Court’s decree the school district has to rehire him. He wasn’t fired and he doesn’t want the job — too busy being the Great MAGA King.

A Trump cultist pleads guilty for threatening DC Comics (Superman’s son is bi) and Merriam-Webster for definitions of woman and girl that discuss gender identity.

Slimeball Fox hosts discuss how to get rid of the homeless. Fellow slimeball Fox host Tucker Carlson now claims Nixon was an innocent man destroyed by the deep state.

Republican Joni Ernst is shocked, shocked, that unemployment is so low businesses are raising pay to get workers.

“f it weren’t for people like Mark Burnett, or the bankers at Deutsche Bank, or Mitch McConnell, or Vladimir Putin, I don’t think Donald would’ve gotten as far as he’s gotten. ”

Josh Hawley goes full theocrat. I doubt it was a big step. Oh, and he’s gone from arguing for traditional gender roles to claiming there’s only one gender.

Some people who spread the lie the election was stolen are now social influencers.

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