Unsurprisingly but disastrously, the Supreme Court has ended Roe.

It’s  a leaked draft but it appears it’s the real deal. LGM has initial analysis of what it means. For example, that the legal reasoning would also count against the right to birth control, gay marriage or interracial marriage.

I have nothing deep to say about this yet, other than that this has never been primarily about the rights of the fetus. It’s much more about how much the religious right hates women having sex without risk of pregnancy. After all, only men are supposed to enjoy sex before marriage. And because they tell themselves women never need life-saving abortions. The worst of them don’t see women as having any rights, any more than aquariums.

And beyond that, some Republicans simply can’t see the world through anyone else’s eyes. If an abortion ban isn’t a problem for them (they’re male, past childbearing age, they can afford to get one discreetly) it doesn’t concern them.

I think the analysis in Undead Sexist Cliches of abortion rights is still sound, even though it’s now out of date.  The Kindle version is listed separately. It’s also available from multiple other ebook retailers.

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