I keep thinking there’s a deathtrap here somewhere …

No, everything went great this week — in fact, that’s the point. I keep feeling there has to be a catch, and I’ll suddenly find myself in peril mortal, like Batman in this Carmine Infantino cover.

Of course that’s not true. Practically speaking a really great week is just another variation of returning to the mean — sheer random luck means I’m bound to have a terrific week eventually. Yet it also feels more than that. For the past couple of  years — maybe three or four — it’s felt like my fiction was floundering. I couldn’t seem to finish anything. I seriously wondered if I’d just lost some kind of mojo.

Apparently not because this week the fiction went great. I completed the current very rough rewrite draft of Impossible Takes a Little Longer. I did another draft of Adventure of the Red Leech and it looks surprisingly good. Plus a draft of Oh, the Places You’ll Go! and that looks good too — though I’m still not sure the ending is what I want it to be.

Perhaps it’s simply that I’m much more focused at the moment. Even before nonfiction ate up all last year, I was putting in a lot of time on Undead Sexist Cliches and dividing the rest of my time between multiple different projects. This month my fiction goals are Impossible and the two short stories (I’m also proofing Questionable Minds but the writing is done). Perhaps that makes a difference.

So I’m feeling quite pleased with myself. Of course things could still go cattywampus when I start the next drafts of any of them, but maybe they won’t. For the moment my biggest problem is figuring out how to adjust my schedule for all the time I didn’t use on the novel. Should I give myself time off? Start a new short story (I can’t see myself starting the next draft yet)? Put more time into reviewing Southern Discomfort? This week I used the leftover hours for a couple more submissions, to do a little research and simply to check out various web pages I’d bookmarked as interesting. Next week, who knows?

And of course productive writing time doesn’t equate to sales. I sent out two stories this week but I also got my third rejection of the month back. I haven’t sold anything so far this year, though perhaps as the number of finished stories grows, that will change.

Either way, this week felt great.

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