White supremacy is getting steadily more mainstream

As witness Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz have now formed an America First Caucus in Congress, dedicated to the propositions that America is built on Anglo-Saxon values and that post-1965 immigration — the year the U.S. stopped prioritizing European immigrants — has been a bad thing: “History has shown that societal trust and political unity are threatened when foreign citizens are imported en-masse into a country.”

Despite Gaetz’ outraged cries this is “hit piece” and his goal is fighting “illegal immigration,” the group is quite open it has problems with legal immigration too. And when you emphasize Anglo-Saxon as your ideal, that translates into wanting more white immigration and less any other kind. As I’ve said before, this is why the Republican Party is now anti-American: the U.S. isn’t an Angl0-Saxon nation (and never really was) and they can’t accept that. The racism is sufficiently blatant that as Heather Cox Richardson says, some prominent Republicans are freaking out. More freaking out here. Apparently enough that Greene has announced they’re pulling the plug.

The America First Caucus has no apparent connection to the America First Policy Institute, which seems to exist to give jobs to unwanted Trump officials.

I wonder how long before Gaetz and the anti-Semitic Greene make common cause with Rick Wiles and his warnings about Satanic Zionists?

Bill O’Reilly explains much of our current politics results from liberals hating white people. And here we have a guy explaining that affirmative action forces him to be racist. I have a strong suspicion he doesn’t exert the same scrutiny when debating whether a legacy admission earned their place in college on merit.

The Gaetz/Greene group also lies and claims the election was stolen. Given the Sedition Day violence, are we at high risk for more violence ahead? Part of the challenge of preventing it is that right-wing extremism is so closely interwoven with the Republican Party.

Oh, and the right-wing is still also lying about the Trump Virus.

Then there’s Tucker Carlson, who enthusiastically embraces misogyny and white supremacist replacement theory. He’s also fond of spotlighting journalists whose reporting he doesn’t like, which leads to harassment and death threats against them.

Attorney Kash Patel started in politics as a legal aide to Rep. Devin Nunes. The WaPo looks at how he rose, despite the lack of any qualifications, to be a major player in the intelligence community, as Trump sought to remake them into something loyal to himself. Unlike the article, I don’t find it reassuring that Trump’s reluctance to fight was a big reason the plan failed. That means with a competent leader in his place, it might have succeeded.

Right-wing pundit Candace Owens expresses outrage a BLM leader would buy a house in a white neighborhood.

A lot of cops donated anonymously (they thought) to defend accused murderer Kyle Rittenhouse.

QANon supporters are winning elections in local politics all across the country.

“Having now spoken with enough White friends about our juvenile transgressions, I think it is completely possible that even if, God forbid, I had physically harmed someone, I still could have avoided permanent consequences. In fact, several White friends who come from wealthier families have expressed shock that I faced charges at all.”


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