Cosplay for Halloween

I’m not actually much of a cosplayer. But my mother-in-law got me a scarf in the style of Fourth Doctor Tom Baker, so I figured that would do.

I tried to capture Baker’s slightly loonie grin, but I don’t think I managed it.

Our hosts, fellow writer Allegra Gullino and her husband, appeared as Gumbies—

Writer Ada Milenkovic Brown came as Ursula.And writer/artist Sam Collins came as Capwolf.

We agreed that the awkwardly fitting costume makes her look like Cap drawn by Rob Liefeld.

Finally Audrie Michelle appears as Ruth Vader Ginsburg.

#SFWApro. Photos are mine.


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2 responses to “Cosplay for Halloween

  1. Sorry I missed this party–all great, inventive costumes.

  2. We weren’t able to stay long, but we had a great time. As always.

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