The Wisp’s Progress

Wisp has been coming around at dinner time for a while. But she’s getting closer and closer to the door as she sits and waits for us to provide.

She’s also comfortable eating with me within petting range and the door open (the same when TYG feeds her). However any movement makes her back off warily, though not as far as she used to. Still, she’s definitely cautious enough that neither of us would risk petting her. Reaching for her seems like to either scare her or prompt a defensive clawing. We’d rather not go there.

Still, who knows? Maybe she’ll just rub up against us some day. If not, we’re still happy to take care of her. And it’s cool she’s come so far from the days when she wouldn’t come closer than the deck stairs if the door was open.

#SFWApro. Photos are mine, please attribute if you use.


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2 responses to “The Wisp’s Progress

  1. Wow its nice and such kindness…there is in fact a cat even with us….she too did the same initially but now it comes inside, sits under the dining table and eats her food. It took her two years to rub herself on mom and another three more months to ask for food by scratching on her clothes and few more days to purr around the house. I am sure all it needs is more time and no challenges

  2. That’s encouraging. My wife’s very hopeful we get that close with Wisp. Though we’re not sure how well her coming inside would work out with our dogs.

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