Did I soar like an eagle this week? A small hawk, maybe

So last Friday I said I was on the brink of finishing Southern Discomfort. I was wrong. Things got slightly crazy that weekend starting on the Friday; nothing cataclysmic, but enough little distractions that I decided I’d do a better job postponing until Monday.

And Monday, I did it. Southern Discomfort is now done!!!!! And formatted, which is tougher; as Apple’s stupid Pages software can’t seem to set up a standard manuscript I had to save in Word, open my old laptop (old enough it still supports Word, unlike the current model) and format it there. As the old laptop’s touchpad is getting a little wonky that took a while (it might be worth paying to get it fixed, just so I can convert things easier).

Tuesday I plunged into short stories. I finished up an old flash fiction, Rabbits Indignateonem, and finally ironed out the plot problems with No One Can Slay Her (I’ll give it a final review next week).

Wednesday I switched to novels (as I mentioned New Year’s Day, my novel-writing plans for the year are absurdly ambitious). My initial replotting of Let No Man Put Asunder became more complicated than expected. I’m a much better writer than the last time I worked on it, and the plot and character arcs need a lot more work. But the ideas I threw in look promising.

Thursday I started the rewrite of Impossible Takes a Little Longer. This went really slowly. Partly the changes I’ve decided on are more significant than expected, so that means more thought in the rewriting. And partly, I just didn’t have as much time as I expected. It took a lot of time to finish Southern Discomfort Monday, more than expected. That threw everything else off. And even though I worked out how much time to spend on different projects, I didn’t really stick to the breakdown. That’s a weakness of mine. So I put in much less time on Impossible than anticipated.

The week’s schedule has generally been a little weird. TYG’s been working from home and taking some time off, which is good (I wouldn’t have finished on Monday if she hadn’t been handling the dogs), but throws my usual rhythms off a little. Yesterday she left for an alumni event and won’t be back to Sunday. As I’ll be spending much of today and Saturday at Illogicon, we boarded the pups rather than have Plushie spend most of the weekend in a cage.

As a result, I spent yesterday completely by myself, today too. Much as I love my family, it’s very nice to occasionally enjoy a solitude staycation.

Anyway, because I had the car and didn’t have to worry about penning the Plush dog, I wound up working on a nunber of errands yesterday, which cut further into writing time (though I still made my quota for the week). I took a ton of stuff to Goodwill, bought food for next week, did some extra cleaning. Today I just took the day off and did more errands (taking my bike in for a tune-up for instance) and more cleaning. I also slept late, which I rarely do, and read a little extra.

(Trixie checks Wisp out through the blinds).

Next week I’ll be back to a regular writing schedule, with Leaf article returning to boot. Fortunately I’d already factored them into the amount of work I can potentially get done in a month.

And this weekend, Illogicon. My panels include:

5PM today: The Past was a Different Country. How do we convey the strange customs and oddball perceptions of the past to modern readers when we’re setting fiction in historical times?

6PM: Author dating game. A twist on the old TV Dating Game where each author comes on as a character from one of their books.

8PM Curses! Coming up with profanity for fantasy settings.


10AM: Panel on the worst SF movies. I suspect mine will involve Time Travel.

Noon: How What we Read for Fun Sculpts Us. How does our reading influence our attitudes?

1PM: Networking for Introverts

4PM: I give a reading (from Atoms for Peace).

Sunday 1pm: Get Your Facts Straight. Making sure historical/scientific/whatever information is accurate.

And Sunday TYG comes home. We hope to pick up the pups but we’ve paid through Monday morning just in case.

Here’s a better picture of Trixie to finish with.

#SFWApro. Images are mine, please credit if you use them.

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