Lost and Won

LOST: My travel mug, while we were in Indianapolis. It was the first night, when I had pizza at the hotel restaurant and took some of it back upstairs. They gave me a massive box, way larger than I needed (it would have been big even if I’d had the full pizza) and maneuvering it around, stopping to read for a bit … well somewhere on the way I focused on the box and forgot the cup.

Which wouldn’t have been so bad except I cannot handle drinking tea from styrofoam. It’s horribly acidic, and makes my stomach miserable. I went on a mall hunt for a substitute mug, but to my surprise couldn’t find one. Finally I settled for the hotel Starbucks and shelled out $20. Way overpriced! However it met the need, and I must say it’s a good mug, both for keeping the tea warm and for not leaking when I tip it to drink.

WON: Okay, the team I played with for Culture Quest, “The Standard Deviants,” did not actually win the contest. But they announced at the AG came in eighth, the best we’ve ever done, and that’s pretty damn impressive (to me, anyway). I’m very pleased with us. And even though I go to hang out with Courtney, not to actually win, I certainly don’t object.

To celebrate the near-win, here’s a Bob Abbett book cover. No connection to tea or Mensa, I just like it — simple, but interesting.

#SFWApro. All rights to image remain with current holder.

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